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Digitalization of Operations

Today there is no doubt that companies, regardless of their industry, need to embrace digital transformation to remain competitive in a fast changing environment. The challenges vary depending on the field of activity, but a few global trends are impacting the manufacturers' business and operating models. Demand is volatile and hard to predict. Product customization and the pressure to reduce the time to market are forever growing.

Extensive product mix, increased number of Stock Keeping Units (SKU's) and reduced lot sizes are stressing globalized supply chains, which have shown low resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic. The manufacturing plants and their operating models need to transform to become modular, flexible, multi-product and multi-process systems and be prepared to support lifecycle changes and reconfigurations.

In this paper, we explain our methodology to elaborate on a digital strategy that is founded in the company's business strategy, future operating model and current digital maturity. Download to know more...