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Serverless Software Architecture

The purpose of serverless architecture is to perform an action based on an event that needs limited CPU and RAM and finishes execution in a few minutes.

As enterprises develop and migrate to microservices architecture, a new trend of developing applications using serverless architecture is emerging. Serverless architecture is enabling enterprises to experiment and build digital solutions without a significant infrastructure investment. It is not a replacement for microservices architecture; it is a different architecture that can be leveraged for special use cases. Serverless architecture has anti-patterns and challenges like any other architecture.

Over the last few years, serverless architecture has become popular thanks to cloud service providers like AWS, Google and Azure, which allow developers to write code in the language of their choice and build and deploy applications without requiring provisioning or management. In this paper we discuss when to choose serverless architecture and when not to and how it is different from microservices architecture.

Easy adoption and development of serverless solutions are helping enterprises big and small to move up in the digital transformation journey by removing barriers such as infrastructure, operations, development and deployment cost.

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