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Strategic Grc: Risk Reduction Programme

Does security increasingly present a barrier to your business processes, as opposed to enabling them?

Is security increasingly an issue when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring the effi ciency and eff ectiveness of your supply chain?

Your corporate environment must constantly change in response to new risks, and take advantage of new opportunities, such as social media.

IRM has developed an innovative methodology to ensure that security keeps up with the changing demands of your business.

Our Enterprise Risk Reduction Programme (RRP) has been designed to help your business understand the sensitive information that you store, demonstrate where the value of security would lie in your business going forward, understand and manage security risks, and substantially improve your security maturity. By achieving a comprehensive understanding of the risk landscape you face and how this will exist in constant fl ux, we believe your business will be able to look at the wider issue of risk based on key business benefi ts. Crucially, this approach will help you progress from addressing specifi c risks to achieving enterprise-wide resilience to risk in an increasingly uncertain landscape.

You can work with a company built for now or you can innovate with one engineering the solutions of tomorrow at future speed.